Learn more about #SocialMedia and Email Marketing

Learn more about #SocialMedia and Email Marketing

time 6:00 pm

March 7, 2016

  • EMAIL – love it or loath it, it’s still the best way to directly communicate with your clients and potential customer.

    Let’s showcase a proven system that legally helps your create a Super Fast Customer & Sales Acquisition using a targeted email marketing campaign.

    Can you image checking your online sales report in the morning and seeing a flood of new customers who bought your product or service over night, as well as thousands who have signed up for your email list to receive more information?

    “We’ve all heard – the money is in the list; but, have you ever thought your money may be in someone else’s list?” – Doug Morneau

    I’m delighted to welcome Doug Morneau as our guest speaker. Doug was my mentor in my SE Program back in 2004 and we’ve been friends and colleagues ever since1


    As someone with 29 years entrepreneurial experience, Doug has made his clients an estimated 100 million US dollars, and in doing so, he has also made millions for his company’s. As we all know, life is very rarely always sunshine and roses, in the process, he has made it big, lost it all, and started over a few times.

    Doug is a passionate lifelong learner and expert marketer. His ability to quickly understand concepts, adapt to new technologies and new media make him a valuable contributor to any sales and marketing problem solving conversation or marketing strategy session.

    He has been fortunate to work and test marketing methods, media, and systems will multi-million dollar budgets enable learning, testing, and validation at hyper speed with sufficient data that can be applied to any budget regardless of the size.

    He has the ability to quickly identify solutions where others only see problems.

    Doug and his companies have always been significant contributors to the community, charities and those in need. As a volunteer and director of several charities corporate, and government boards, he has taken the same focused, driven, hard work ethic to these efforts as well.


    Can’t wait to see you on the 7th!


    Social Media really is the Internet of today. There’s no avoiding the power of Social sharing. Love it or loathe it – it’s essential for business!

    Each month we offer in-depth teaching on trends and platforms, Helping you make the most of everything #SocialMedia has to offer.

    Anyone is welcome to attend! We’re not a networking meetup, where you bring your best elevator pitch. It’s run in an atmosphere of learning and leveraging. So come and join us – meet some of the brightest and most successful people in the Fraser Valley.

    We do charge a $5 admission fee – and 100% of this goes to support local charity.